Scientia Coronati Research Lodge No. 4 F&AM
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Affiliate with Scientia Coronati

Membership is available by affiliation to all Master Masons in good standing in jurisdictions recognized by the
MMost Worshipful Grand Lodge of ArizonaWMost Worshipful Grand Lodge of Arizona Grand Lodge of Arizona F.&A.M.

Scientia Coronati is research and esoteric learning of Masonic subjects. It is about participating in the most anticipated and cherished environment for a Master Mason—The Educational Landscape. It is about personal growth, self-improvement and sharing personal pride in the fraternity through informative discourse of Freemasonry.  

Membership Benefits

As a member of Scientia Coronati you will receive:

  • MASONIC HARVEST - The annual publication of Scientia Coronati.

  • THE ARIZONA KEYSTONE - The quarterly newsletter of Scientia Coronati. This newsletter features the latest information affecting the Lodge plus interesting articles written by our members and commentaries on Arizona Masonic events.

  • TOKENS - Commemorative coin
    , lapel pin
    , dues card
    and patent of membership

Annual Dues are currently twenty-five dollars (usd).
Applications for membership are available online. Click here to download the application form.

"Freemasonry is a fraternal virtuous and exemplary way of life voluntarily lived and embraced by initiated men believing in a Supreme Being who, through the application of its teachings, find their own spiritual fulfillment in contributing to the betterment of society." - WMost Worshipful Grand Lodge of Arizona Jean-Claude Malterre PM, Grand Orator (2007)


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